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Jun 05 2017 Added eBooks

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Going IT Alone

The Handbook for Freelance and Contract Software Developers
Going IT Alone Image
A detailed guide to self-employment for software and web developers-from identifying your target market, through to managing your time, finances, and client behavior About This Book Discover how to make money with software development skills. Learn how to develop a marketing and sales strategy and develop profitable pricing strategies for your software services and products Gain insights through real case studies and insights provided from industry experts Who This Book Is For Going the self employed route in software development offers many opportunities to develop awareness and skills to enhance your career. Whether you are a student currently studying software development or a veteran software developer already in the industry, Going IT Alone prov...

Essential Cybersecurity Science

Essential Cybersecurity Science Image
Applying the scientific method to security is about using techniques to carefully observe, measure, experiment, form explanations, test, and evaluate security processes in software and products. This practical book shows how incorporating these techniques will provide developers with the knowledge to produce more secure, more useful, and more valuable products and services. You'll learn how to:Apply the scientific method to evaluate projects in digital forensics, software assurance, and intrusion detectionDevelop your own security methods using this process to build and sell more secure productsDiscover how to spot bogus security claims and processes...

The SAP Materials Management Handbook

The SAP Materials Management Handbook Image
Although tens of thousands of global users have implemented Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) for enterprise data processing for decades, there has been a need for a dependable reference on the subject, particularly for SAP materials management (SAP MM).Filling this need, The SAP Materials Management Handbook provides a complete understanding of how to best configure and implement the SAP MM module across various types of projects. It uses system screenshots of real-time SAP environments to illustrate the complete flow of business transactions involved with SAP MM. Supplying detailed explanations of the steps involved, it presents case studies from actual projects that demonstrate how to convert theory into powerful SAP MM solutions. Include...

MATLAB Programming With Applications for Engineers

MATLAB Programming With Applications for Engineers Image
MATLAB PROGRAMMING WITH APPLICATIONS FOR ENGINEERS seeks to simultaneously teach MATLAB as a technical programming language while introducing the student to many of the practical functions that make solving problems in MATLAB so much easier than in other languages. The book provides a complete introduction to the fundamentals of good procedural programming. It aids students in developing good design habits that will serve them well in any other language that he or she may pick up later. Programming topics and examples are used as a jumping off point for exploring the rich set of highly optimized application functions that are built directly into MATLAB....

Computing with Python

An introduction to Python for science and engineering
Computing with Python Image
Python is a free open-source language and environment that has tremendous potential in the scientific computing domain. Computing with Python presents the programming language in tight connection with mathematical applications. The approach of the book is concept based rather than a systematic introduction to the language.It is written for a mathematical readership and is aimed at students with a mathematical background....

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