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The PRINCE2 Practitioner

From Practitioner to Professional
The PRINCE2 Practitioner Image
3rd Edition
Struggling to apply the principles of PRINCE2 in practice? Need guidance on adapting the process for smaller projects? PRINCE2 for Practitioners provides the solution. This practical reference, matching the details and requirements of the 2009 PRINCE2 manual, contains new and updated real-life examples and case studies, links between related components and processes, and clear guidance on how to fine-tune the method to help you manage projects successfully, whatever the context and size. An affordable alternative to expensive training, this best-selling handbook by PRINCE2 expert Colin Bentley is an indispensable addition to your project management ...

Java to C

A Primer
Java to C Image
This book is designed to be used as a quick introduction to C for programmers already familiar with Java. It is not a replacement for a reference book on C but is instead a supplement. For the programmer already familiar with Java, the typical book on C requires the reader to wade through many details of already-familiar material. In this book, we quickly present the main concepts needed to begin writing serious programs in C, highlighting the differences between C and Java....

MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide

MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide Image
This is the official guide to passing the two MySQL certification tests for MySQL 5, the long-awaited major revision of MySQL. The number of MySQL certification exams taken has doubled in the last six months.Certcities.com lists the MySQL certification as one of the top 10 certifications to grow in 2005. MySQL professionals need a way to distinguish themselves from the vast majority of database administrators and developers. With more than 4 million active installations, MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database. Known for its speed, reliability and case of use, MySQL has become a low-cost alternative to expensive database systems such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. MySQL AB has aggressively improved the feature set of MySQL with MySQL 5,...

Configuration Guide for Asterisk PBX

How to Build and Configure a Pbx With Open Source Software
Configuration Guide for Asterisk PBX Image
Asterisk is one of the most important open source softwares for IP telephony. Since it was first released in 1999 it has been transforming and innovating the whole telephony market. The Configuration Guide for Asterisk PBX is a text book dedicated for people who wants to learn Asterisk. It has been built more like a text book instead of a reference. You should be able to learn Asterisk in a week with this book. The new version is updated for Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6. There is a new chapter on how to setup Asterisk using freePBX 2.5....

Frameworks, Methodologies and Tools for Developing Rich Internet Applications

Frameworks, Methodologies and Tools for Developing Rich Internet Applications Image
Technological advances in the field of IT lead to the creation of new programs intended to merge the advantages of desktop-based programs with the advantages of Web-based programs in order to increase user accessibility and provide effective computer performance. Frameworks, Methodologies, and Tools for Developing Rich Internet Applications presents current research and analysis on the use of JavaScript and software development to establish new programs intended for the Web. With an in-depth look at computer and Web programming, this publication emphasizes the benefits and dynamic qualities of these emerging technologies. This book is an essential reference source for academicians, researchers, students, practitioners, and professionals interested in...

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