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SFML Essentials

SFML Essentials Image
If you are an enthusiast who is not new to the field of game development but want to exercise the countless features of SFML and build 2D games with minimal effort, this is the book for you....

PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials

PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials Image
This book is written for SQL Server administrators and developers who want to leverage PowerShell to work with SQL Server. Some background with scripting will be helpful but not necessary....

Xcode 6 Essentials

Xcode 6 Essentials Image
This book is aimed at developers who want to make applications for Apple devices with Xcode. iOS developers who have experience using other frameworks and languages can now migrate to Xcode and build creative, native apps....

Stencyl Essentials

Stencyl Essentials Image
If you are a computer game enthusiast who has always wanted to know what it takes to build a playable game or maybe you would like to expand your programming knowledge so that you can develop great computer games, using a solid game engine and toolkit, then this book is for you. It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of game programming and computer science concepts....

Splunk Essentials

Splunk Essentials Image
This book is intended for a business person, analyst, or student who wants to quickly learn how to use Splunk to manage data. It would be helpful to have a bit of familiarity with basic computer concepts, but no prior experience of Splunk is required....

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