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Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework

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Develop modern web applications in Meteor, one of the hottest new JavaScript platforms Overview * Create dynamic, multi-user web applications completely in JavaScript.* Use best practice design patterns including MVC, templates, and data synchronization.* Create simple, effective user authentication including Facebook and Twitter integration.* Learn the time-saving techniques of Meteor to code powerful, lightning-fast web apps in minutes In Detail Meteor is a brand new platform built entirely in JavaScript that allows you to build modern, dynamic web applications in the blink of an eye. With support for nearly every popular JavaScript framework (and more being added every day), Meteor provides you with the ability to quickly and easily develop sophis...

Getting Started with Cubieboard

Getting Started with Cubieboard Image
Leverage the power of the ARM-based Cubieboard to create amazing projects About This BookLearn how to choose a development board, install various Linux distributions, and put them to real-world useUnderstand how to start using a Cubieboard for work-related purposesLearn how to perform the steps involved in building a system and tailor it to your needsWho This Book Is ForIf you are anywhere from a beginner to an advanced user of ARM, who wishes to get into the rapidly advancing world of development boards, such as Cubieboard, this is the book for you. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will learn from this book as it teaches you in an easy-to-follow manner. No previous ARM experience is required. In Detail Embedded platforms are interes...

Getting Started with Oracle Hyperion Planning 11

Getting Started with Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Image
This book follows a tutorial-based approach that will provide you with step-by-step instructions to configure and implement a robust planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution. Each chapter provides clear instructions and detailed screenshots, as you approach a new facet of the Hyperion Planning environment. If you want to successfully implement Oracle Hyperion Planning solutions, then this book is for you. Familiarity with Oracle Essbase and OLAP would be beneficial but is not essential. While the book is intended for beginners, even experienced Planning developers and users will benefit from this book....

Getting Started with Django

Getting Started with Django Image
Develop simple web applications with the powerful Django framework Overview Get to know MVC pattern and the structure of Django Create your first webpage with Django mechanisms Enable user interaction with forms Program extremely rapid forms with Django features. Explore the best practices to develop applications of a superior quality In Detail Django is a powerful Python web framework designed for rapid web application development. With the advent of frameworks such as Django, web developers have been forced to adopt MVC architectures and are encouraged to develop quality code. This quality allows several developers to work together easily and reduces the number of bugs due to human errors. Beginning with the basics of the Web and Django, the boo...

Getting Started with Twitter Flight

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Build scalable, modular JavaScript applications with the Twitter Flight framework Overview Learn how to build scalable, maintainable, modular applications with Flight, Twitters cutting-edge JavaScript framework Work through building a simple application from scratch with clear, step-by-step examples Leap ahead of the learning-curve with best practice examples from an experienced Flight developer In Detail Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript application framework developed by Twitter for Twitter.com. It is an exciting alternative to the complexities of modern MVVM frameworks, offering a minimal API that allows you to write fast, reliable, scalable applications with a minimum of boilerplate code. Getting Started with Twitter Flight o...

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