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Hacking Exposed 7

Network Security Secrets & Solutions
Hacking Exposed 7 Image
The latest tactics for thwarting digital attacks 'Our new reality is zero-day, APT, and state-sponsored attacks. Today, more than ever, security professionals need to get into the hacker's mind, methods, and toolbox to successfully deter such relentless assaults. This edition brings readers abreast with the latest attack vectors and arms them for these continually evolving threats. --Brett Wahlin, CSO, Sony Network Entertainment 'Stop taking punches--let's change the game; it's time for a paradigm shift in the way we secure our networks, and Hacking Exposed 7 is the playbook for bringing pain to our adversaries. --Shawn Henry, former Executive Assistant Director, FBI Bolster your system's security and defeat the tools and tactics of cyber-criminals w...

Hacking Exposed Unified Communications & VoIP Security

Secrets & Solutions
Hacking Exposed Unified Communications & VoIP Security Image
2nd Edition
The latest techniques for averting UC disaster'This book is a must-read for any security professional responsible for VoIP or UC infrastructure. This new edition is a powerful resource that will help you keep your communications systems secure. -Dan York, Producer and Co-Host, Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast 'The original edition, Hacking Exposed: Voice over IP Secrets & Solutions, provided a valuable resource for security professionals. But since then, criminals abusing VoIP and UC have become more sophisticated and prolific, with some high-profile cases ringing up huge losses. This book is a welcome update that covers these new threats with p...

Hacking Exposed Mobile

Security Secrets & Solutions
Hacking Exposed Mobile Image
Proven security tactics for today's mobile apps, devices, and networks "A great overview of the new threats created by mobile devices. ...The authors have heaps of experience in the topics and bring that to every chapter." -- Slashdot Hacking Exposed Mobile continues in the great tradition of the Hacking Exposed series, arming business leaders and technology practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the latest attacks and countermeasures--so they can leverage the power of mobile platforms while ensuring that security risks are contained." -- Jamil Farshchi, Senior Business Leader of Strategic Planning and Initiatives, VISA Identify and evade key threats across the expanding mobile risk landscape. Hacking Exposed Mobile: Security ...

Hacking Exposed Wireless

Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions
Hacking Exposed Wireless Image
Secure Your Wireless Networks the Hacking Exposed WayDefend against the latest pervasive and devastating wireless attacks using the tactical security information contained in this comprehensive volume. Hacking Exposed Wireless reveals how hackers zero in on susceptible networks and peripherals, gain access, and execute debilitating attacks. Find out how to plug security holes in Wi-Fi/802.11 and Bluetooth systems and devices. You'll also learn how to launch wireless exploits from Metasploit, employ bulletproof authentication and encryption, and sidestep insecure wireless hotspots. The book includes vital details on new, previously unpublished attacks alongside real-world countermeasures.Understand the concepts behind RF electronics, Wi-Fi/802.11, and...

Hacking Exposed Windows

Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions
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3rd Edition
The latest Windows security attack and defense strategies"Securing Windows begins with reading this book." --James Costello (CISSP) IT Security Specialist, Honeywell Meet the challenges of Windows security with the exclusive Hacking Exposed "attack-countermeasure" approach. Learn how real-world malicious hackers conduct reconnaissance of targets and then exploit common misconfigurations and software flaws on both clients and servers. See leading-edge exploitation techniques demonstrated, and learn how the latest countermeasures in Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003/2008 can mitigate these attacks. Get practical advice based on the a...

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