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Learning Yii Testing

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This book is intended for developers with a pre-existing knowledge of Yii who want to familiarize themselves on how to write tests in Yii 2. If you are someone with little or no knowledge in testing, then this book is most certainly for you....

Learning IOS Forensics

Learning IOS Forensics Image
A practical hands-on guide to acquire and analyze iOS devices with the latest forensic techniques and tools About This BookPerform logical, physical, and file system acquisition along with jailbreaking the deviceGet acquainted with various case studies on different forensic toolkits that can be usedA step-by-step approach with plenty of examples to get you familiarized with digital forensics in iOSWho This Book Is ForIf you are a digital forensics examiner daily involved in the acquisition and analysis of mobile devices and want to have a complete overview of how to perform your work on iOS devices, this book is definitely for you. In Detail Mobile device forensics relates to the recovery of data from a mobile device. It has an impact on many differe...

Learning Spring Boot

Learning Spring Boot Image
This book is for both novice developers in general and experienced Spring developers. It will teach you how to override Spring Boot's opinions and frees you from the need to define complicated configurations....

Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development

Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development Image
If you are a game developer, designer, artist, or a beginner in the gaming industry, and want to make iOS games efficiently at a low cost, this book is ideal for you....

Learning Behavior-Driven Development with JavaScript

Learning Behavior-Driven Development with JavaScript Image
This book is ideal for any JavaScript developer who is interested in producing well-tested code. If you have no prior experience with testing, Node.js, or any other tool, do not worry, as they will be explained from scratch....

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