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Bitemporal Data

Theory and Practice
Bitemporal Data Image
Bitemporal data has always been important. But it was not until 2011 that the ISO released a SQL standard that supported it. Currently, among major DBMS vendors, Oracle, IBM and Teradata now provide at least some bitemporal functionality in their flagship products. But to use these products effectively, someone in your IT organization needs to know more than how to code bitemporal SQL statements. Perhaps, in your organization, that person is you. To correctly interpret business requests for temporal data, to correctly specify requirements to your IT development staff, and to correctly design bitemporal databases and applications, someone in your enterprise needs a deep understanding of both the theory and the practice of managing bitemporal data. Som...

Multimedia and Internet Systems

Theory and Practice
Multimedia and Internet Systems Image
Aleksander Zgrzywa, Kazimierz Choro, and Andrzej Siemiski (Eds.)Multimedia and Internet Systems: Theory and PracticeDuring the last 20 years we have witnessed a rapid development of Multimedia and Network Information Systems. What is even more important, the pace of change does not show any sign of slowing. When we look back we see how many research projects that have originated at various universities or in research facilities are now part of our everyday life.This monograph offers the reader a very broad review of the most recent scientific investigations in that area. The book is a collection of carefully selected and the most representative investigations, solutions, and applications presented by scientific teams from several countries. The conte...

Instructional Design

Case Studies in Communities of Practice
Instructional Design Image
Instructional designers hold the responsibility of selecting, sequencing, synthesizing, and summarizing unfamiliar content to subject matter experts. To successfully achieve legitimate participation in communities of practice, instructional designers need to utilize a number of communication strategies to optimize the interaction with the subject matter expert. Instructional Design: Case Studies in Communities of Practice documents real-world experiences of instructional designers and staff developers who work in communities of practice. Instructional Design: Case Studies in Communities of Practice explains the strategies and heuristics used by instructional designers when working in different settings, articulates the sophistication of communication...

Control System Power and Grounding

Better Practice
Control System Power and Grounding Image
Control system power and grounding is possibly the single most important element to ensure a control system doesn't experience unidentified "gremlins" throughout its life. The topic is appropriate to every control system domain, including programmable logic controllers, process control systems, robotics, vision systems, etc. Power and grounding is recognized by a major industry standards organization, ISA, in ongoing standards efforts.Control Engineering and several power and grounding experts have developed this control system power and grounding resource. When used in conjunction with control system manufacturer installation documentation, users can expect robust, reliable control system installation; one that remains free of "phanto...

Concrete Pressure Pipe

AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practice
Concrete Pressure Pipe Image
3rd Edition
Updated from the 1995 edition, this comprehensive operations manual explains the use of concrete pressure pipe in potable water service. Coverage includes types, manufacturing, hydraulics, design, external loads, support, installation, fittings and appurtenances, corrosion protection, maintenance, transportion, and storage....

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