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WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Image
2nd Edition
The eagerly anticipated second edition, completely updated for WordPress 3.1 As an open source content management system, WordPress allows users to easily build feature-rich web sites with no programming experience. This unique book-and-video package is a friendly, self-paced beginners guide to the latest release of WordPress. Lessons are focused on practical, everyday tasks that users will need to create and maintain their sites: entering new content, creating new pages, managing menus, making content search-engine friendly. Plus you'll find lots of tips based on years of experience teaching people to use WordPress. You'll also learn how to extend the...

Professional Web APIs with PHP

EBay, Google, Paypal, Amazon, FedEx plus Web Feeds
Professional Web APIs with PHP Image
* Offers hands-on tips and numerous code examples that show Web developers how to leverage content and feeds from today's top Web sites-including Google, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Yahoo!, and FedEx * Introduces APIs (Application Program Interfaces) in general and uses real-world examples that show how to produce and document them * Explains how to use the popular scripting language PHP to create APIs that interact with unrelated applications over the Web * Examples take readers through each stage of the API process, from basic test implementations to integration with existing sites...

Beginning JavaScript

Beginning JavaScript Image
2nd Edition
What is this book about?JavaScript is the preferred programming language for Web page applications, letting you enhance your sites with interactive, dynamic, and personalized pages. This fully updated guide shows you how to take advantage of JavaScript';s client-side scripting techniques for the newest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer, even if you';ve never programmed before.You begin with basic syntax and learn about data types and how to structure code for decision-making. Then you learn to use dates, strings, and other basic objects of JavaScript. Next, you see how to use JavaScript to manipulate objects provided by the browser, such as fo...

Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached and Perl

Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached and Perl Image
The only book to address using cache to enhance and speed up Web application development * Developers use Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl to build dynamic Web sites that store information within the MySQL database; this is the only book to address using these technologies together to alleviate the database load in Web development* Covers each of the four systems and shows how to install, set up, and administer them; then shows the reader how to put the parts together to start building applications* Explains the benefits of a base perl library for code re-use, and provides sample applications that demonstrate in a practical way the information covered in the previous chapters* Examines monitoring, performance, and security, with a problem-solving c...

ASP.NET Website Programming

Problem - Design - Solution, C# Edition
ASP.NET Website Programming Image
What is this book about?ASP.NET Website Programming shows you how to build an interactive website from design to deployment.Packed with solutions to website programming problems, this book will have you building well-engineered, extendable ASP.NET websites quickly and easily.What does this book cover?In this book, you will learn how toEstablish a solid, scalable website foundationProvide flexible user accounts integrating with ASP.NET's built-in securityCreate message forums that enable formatted messages but defend against cross-site scriptingGenerate revenue from advertisingBuild a web interface for uploading, downloading, editing, and managing the files on your siteAdd opinion polls, email newsletters, and news managementDeploy the finished site o...

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