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Secure Coding in C and C++

2nd Edition
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Book Details:

Publisher:Pearson Addison-Wesley Professional
Series: MIX
Author:Robert C. Seacord
Published:Apr 02 2013
Posted:Aug 07 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:21.48 MB

Book Description:

Learn the Root Causes of Software Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them Commonly exploited software vulnerabilities are usually caused by avoidable software defects. Having analyzed tens of thousands of vulnerability reports since 1988, CERT has determined that a relatively small number of root causes account for most of the vulnerabilities. Secure Coding in C and C, Second Edition, identifies and explains these root causes and shows the steps that can be taken to prevent exploitation. Moreover, this book encourages programmers to adopt security best practices and to develop a security mindset that can help protect software from tomorrow';s attacks, not just today';s. Drawing on the CERT';s reports and conclusions, Robert C. Seacord systematically identifies the program errors most likely to lead to security breaches, shows how they can be exploited, reviews the potential consequences, and presents secure alternatives. Coverage includes technical detail on how to Improve the overall security of any C or C applicationThwart buffer overflows, stack-smashing, and return-oriented programming attacks that exploit insecure string manipulation logicAvoid vulnerabilities and security flaws resulting from the incorrect use of dynamic memory management functionsEliminate integer-related problems resulting from signed integer overflows, unsigned integer wrapping, and truncation errorsPerform secure I/O, avoiding file system vulnerabilitiesCorrectly use formatted output functions without introducing format-string vulnerabilitiesAvoid race conditions and other exploitable vulnerabilities while developing concurrent code The second edition features Updates for C11 and C11 Significant revisions to chapters on strings, dynamic memory management, and integer securityA new chapter on concurrencyAccess to the online secure coding course offered through Carnegie Mellon';s Open Learning Initiative (OLI) Secure Coding in C and C, Second Edition, presents hundreds of examples of secure code, insecure code, and exploits, implemented for Windows and Linux. If you';re responsible for creating secure C or C softwareor for keeping it safeno other book offers you this much detailed, expert assistance.

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