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Windows for the beginning user

Windows for the beginning user Image

Book Details:

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Series: CreateSpace
Author:Richard K Acquistapace
Published:Oct 25 2014
Posted:Mar 03 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:6.45 MB

Book Description:

If you are searching for the best book in the market to learn Microsoft Windows or a book to brush up your skills for the next job interview this is it. This book is easy to read and an easy to use tutorial for all versions of Microsoft Windows especially Windows 7 and 8. It is intended for the beginning and intermediate user who wants to learn more than just the basics of Windows. It is highly illustrated with step-by-step instructions for easy to learn content. It shows commands and tasks needed to navigate through Microsoft Windows and Windows applications. As you progress through this book, you will learn features that are more advanced and you will become quite proficient in the use of Windows. At first, you will begin with easy tasks meant for the beginning user as you progress you will be shown information that is for the intermediate user and some that is for the advanced user. After completing this book, you will have a strong foundation so you will be able to understand and use my next book, Windows for the intermediate user, and other books and articles about Microsoft Windows. In this book you will learn various mouse skills, working with program icons, connecting to and working with the internet, password tips, system restore and creation points, backing up and restoring important files, keeping your computer system healthy with built in windows applications and with software you can purchase online such as antivirus and registry cleaners. You will create custom shortcuts to your favorite programs as well as your favorite pictures, music and videos to name a few. You will also learn networking skills for file and printer sharing at home and business. This book covers a great deal of very useful material and you will find a treasure trove of incredible information.

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