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Estimating Electrical Power Demand in Buildings

Estimating Electrical Power Demand in Buildings Image

Book Details:

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Series: CreateSpace
Author:Steven Mcfadyen
Published:Mar 03 2016
Posted:Jul 29 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:0.82 MB

Book Description:

Estimating the electrical demand of buildings was once the sole remit of the electrical engineer. However, as engineers, architects, developers, and building owners become more focused on sustainability, environmental impacts, and energy efficiency, estimating power demand today requires a team effort. In this short introductory book, Estimating Power Demand in Buildings, Steven McFadyen provides a simple and clear understanding of the process by covering power theory and well- established procedures. He outlines the roles of the various stakeholders in this new landscape. His experience and expertise allow him to offer practical solutions to the electrical engineer in completing the task at hand, as well as in relation to navigating projects that require the input of many stakeholders. With practical advice and examples, a free load estimate spreadsheet that provides a framework for quick and accurate estimation, and a table of typical demand figures for various buildings, Estimating Power Demand in Buildings is an invaluable resource for the electrical engineer and other building stakeholders.

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