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IOS Apps for Masterminds

How to Take Advantage of Swift to Create Insanely Great Apps for IPhones and IPads

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Book Details:

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Series: CreateSpace , How To
Author:J. D. Gauchat
Published:Mar 10 2016
Posted:Jul 13 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:10.54 MB

Book Description:

iOS Apps for Masterminds leads the reader step by step to gain essential knowledge and to master complex subjects necessary to create applications for Apple devices. After reading this book, you will know how to program in Swift, how to design user interfaces, and how to work with the most powerful frameworks available for the construction of modern applications. This book is not an introduction, but instead a complete course that will teach you how to build insanely great applications from scratch. Every chapter explores both basic and complicated concepts of computer programming, the Swift language, and app development. The information is supported by fully functional examples to guide beginners and experts through every single framework included in the iOS SDK. The examples are distributed throughout the book in a specific order to gradually introduce complex topics and make them accessible to everyone. The goal of iOS Apps for Masterminds is to make you familiar with the most advanced technologies for app development. It was designed to prepare you for the future, and was written for the genius inside you, for Masterminds. Introduction to Swift Swift Paradigm Foundation Framework UIKit Framework Auto Layout Size Classes Navigation Controllers Scroll Views Table Views Collection Views Split View Controller Alert Views Notifications Files Archiving Core Data iCloud Core Graphics and Quartz 2D Core Animation AVFoundation Camera and Photos Library Web Views Contacts Sensors MapKit Gesture Recognizers Timers Operation Queues Error Handling Image and Video Internationalization and more!

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