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Maintenance of Instruments & Systems

Practical Guides For Measurement And Control

2nd Edition
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Book Details:

Series: MIX , Practical
Author:Lawrence D. Goettsche
Published:Nov 01 2004
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:18.1 MB

Book Description:

This new enlarged and updated edition of ISA's best-selling maintenance handbook provides comprehensive coverage of maintenance requirements for pneumatic and electrical/electronic devices as well as expanded coverage of DCS systems, analytical instrumentation, fiber optics, and smart instruments. Coverage is organized by devices to make finding the information quick and easy, making this an excellent reference for both the novice and the experienced technician.Maintenance management and engineering as well as the personnel issues such as skill sets, training, and certification/credentialing are covered in detail. This book clarifies the scope, responsibilities and contributions of maintenance personnel.In this edition, special emphasis is given to documentation requirements and safety issues along with updated coverage of newly issued regulations and standards.

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