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Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers

Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers Image

Book Details:

Publisher:Packt Publishing
Series: Packt , Learning
Author:Alex Pop
Published:Jul 25 2014
Posted:Nov 19 2014
Book format:PDF
Book size:1.9 MB

Book Description:

Build single-page web applications using frameworks that help you work efficiently and deliver great results Overview Implement complex front end applications using AngularJS and rock solid web services using ServiceStack Become a more productive developer and learn to use frameworks that enforce good development practices Follow a gradual introduction to concepts with lots of examples and explore the evolution of a production-ready application In Detail AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript MVC framework, and it embraces and extends HTML rather than abstracting it. The building of single-page applications is a web-designer-friendly process with the AngularJS expressive HTML vocabulary. It drastically reduces the amount of JavaScript required to control complex user interactions and enforces a modular approach to structuring your JavaScript code. This book covers all of the stages of building a single-page web application, starting with frontend components powered by AngularJS, continuing with web services that leverage ServiceStack, and putting it all together in an ASP.NET MVC application. You will learn a development process focused on rapid delivery and testability for all application layers. What you will learn from this book Create a standalone AngularJS application to prototype user interfaces Validate complex forms with AngularJS and use Bootstrap to style them Build RESTful web services that work well with single-page applications Implement automatic validation for web service requests to reduce your boilerplate code Use web services with AngularJS to offload and secure your application logic Test your AngularJS and web service code to improve the quality of your software deliverables Structure your JavaScript code and organize your files so your application can grow at a sustainable pace Approach This is a step-by-step, example-driven guide that uses a gradual introduction of concepts; most of the chapters also contain an annotated exploration of how to build a specific part of a production-ready application. Who this book is written for If you are a .NET developer that has already built web applications or web services with a fundamental knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and want to explore single-page applications, then this book will give you a great start. The frameworks, tools, and libraries mentioned here will make you productive and minimize the friction usually associated with building server-side web applications.

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