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Cyber Security

Everything an Executive Needs to Know

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Book Details:

Publisher:Phillip J Ferraro LLC
Series: MIX
Author:Phillip Ferraro
Published:Mar 28 2016
Posted:Jul 07 2016
Book format:PDF
Book size:0.71 MB

Book Description:

A new age has dawned. One where the masked thieves are now replaced by extremely intelligent and savvy computer programmers who choose to steal, wreak havoc, and leave their lasting mark on your business through accessing your sensitive data and protected information. A cyber-breach could literally bring a healthy organization to its knees. Even if it recovers, the damage done is potentially irreversible. Armed with the knowledge that cyber-threats are now more common than ever, there are meaningful steps you and your organization can take to ensure you are not victimized by a hacker. In the modern world of business, executives now face an enormous challenge: understanding cyber security business risks, the full financial and business impact of a breach, evaluating the right level of investment to protect against these threats, and how cyber security should be managed within the organization. CYBER SECURITY: Everything an Executive Needs to Know will help you understand each of these significant areas, while learning exactly what steps you, as a leader, can take to properly prepare your organization to face today's constantly evolving threat landscape. The most prepared organizations are often the ones that can either avoid a cyber-breach completely, or at least create a protective barrier to minimize the consequences if a breach were to occur. This book will help you not only understand the modern day threats, but also take action to ensure your company is safe. We live in a new riddled with threats never before recognized, and it is up to the leaders of your company to act quick and with great intention to combat these thieves and fully protect the business you built.

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