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Aug 07 2016 Added eBooks

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Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communication

A Rhetorical Approach
Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communication Image
Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communication: A Rhetorical Approach explores social media in the areas of corporate identity, brand narratives, and crisis response from a rhetorical perspective. Key ideas in this text are social media as epideictic rhetoric-the rhetorical setting that deals with the present and matters of virtue and education-and how rhetorical decorum, a component of Cicero's third Canon of Style, can guide organizations and their audiences toward more ethical and effective integrated marketing communication (IMC). This strategy emphasizes changing behavior, not just attitudes. Because social media leaves traces of communication that may be with us for the foreseeable future, Social Media and Integrated Marketing Communicatio...

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture

Volume 3 Patterns for Resource Management
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Image
The first volume of the POSA pattern series introduced a broadspectrum of generalpurpose patterns in software design and architecture. The secondnarrowed the focus to fundamental patterns for building sophisticated concurrent and networked software systems and applications. This volume uses design patterns to present techniques for implementing effective resource management in a system. The patterns are covered in detail making use of several examplesproviding directions to the readers on how to implement the presented patterns. Additionally, the volume presents a thorough introduction into resource management and a case study where the patterns are applied to the domain of mobile radio networks. The patterns are grouped by different areas of resour...

Secure Coding in C and C++

Secure Coding in C and C++ Image
2nd Edition
Learn the Root Causes of Software Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them Commonly exploited software vulnerabilities are usually caused by avoidable software defects. Having analyzed tens of thousands of vulnerability reports since 1988, CERT has determined that a relatively small number of root causes account for most of the vulnerabilities. Secure Coding in C and C, Second Edition, identifies and explains these root causes and shows the steps that can be taken to prevent exploitation. Moreover, this book encourages programmers to adopt security best practices and to develop a security mindset that can help protect software from tomorrow';s attacks, ...

Make Getting Started with p5.js

Make Getting Started with p5.js Image
Processing opened up the world of programming to artists, designers, educators, and beginners. The p5.js JavaScript implementation of Processing reinterprets it for today's web. This short book gently introduces the core concepts of computer programming and working with Processing. Written by the co-founders of the Processing project, Reas and Fry, along with Lauren McCarthy, one of the minds behind p5.js, Getting Started with p5.js gets you in on the fun!...

Sharing Big Data Safely

Sharing Big Data Safely Image
Many big data-driven companies today are moving to protect certain types of data against intrusion, leaks, or unauthorized eyes. But how do you lock down data while granting access to people who need to see it? In this practical book, authors Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman offer two novel and practical solutions that you can implement right away.Ideal for both technical and non-technical decision makers, group leaders, developers, and data scientists, this book shows you how to: Share original data in a controlled way so that different groups within your organization only see part of the whole. You'll learn how to do this with the new open source SQL query engine Apache Drill.Provide synthetic data that emulates the behavior of sensitive data. This a...

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