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Implementing Splunk

Big Data Reporting and Development for Operational Intelligence
Implementing Splunk Image
Learn to transform your machine data into valuable IT and business insights with this comprehensive and practical tutorial Learn to search, dashboard, configure, and deploy Splunk on one machine or thousands Start working with Splunk fast, with a tested set of practical examples and useful advice Step-by-step instructions and examples with a comprehensive coverage for Splunk veterans and newbies alike In Detail Splunk is a data collection, indexing, and visualization engine for operational intelligence. It's a powerful and versatile search and analysis engine that lets you investigate, troubleshoot, monitor, alert, and report on everything that's happening in your entire IT infrastructure from one location in real time. Splunk collects, indexes, an...

Building your First Mobile Game using XNA 4.0

Building your First Mobile Game using XNA 4.0 Image
A fast-paced, hands-on guide to building a 3D game for the Windows Phone 7 platform using XNA 4.0 Overview Building a 3D game for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Drawing 2D and 3D graphics on Windows Phone. Using the rich capabilities of the Windows Phone platform. Creating a custom framework step by step that will act as a base for building (future) games. An engaging and hands on beginner's guide to Windows Phone 7 3D game development using XNA 4.0. In Detail With the dawn of the Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft has offered us an easy way to create 3D mobile games. In this book, we will build a 3D game for Windows Phone 7 together, taking full advantage of the graphics and touch capabilities, along with the sensors of the platform. "Buildi...

Windows 8

The Missing Manual
Windows 8 Image
With Windows 8, Microsoft completely reimagined the graphical user interface for its operating system, and designed it to run on tablets as well as PCs. It's a big change that calls for a trustworthy guideWindows 8: The Missing Manual. New York Times columnist David Pogue provides technical insight, lots of wit, and hardnosed objectivity to help you hit the ground running with Microsoft's new OS.This jargon-free book explains Windows 8 features so clearlyrevealing which work well and which don'tthat it should have been in the box in the first place....

Testable JavaScript

Testable JavaScript Image
One skill that's essential for any professional JavaScript developer is the ability to write testable code. This book shows you what writing and maintaining testable JavaScript for the client- or server-side actually entails, whether you're creating a new application or rewriting legacy code.From methods to reduce code complexity to unit testing, code coverage, debugging, and automation, you'll learn a holistic approach for writing JavaScript code that you and your colleagues can easily fix and maintain going forward. Testing JavaScript code is complicated. This book helps you simply the process considerably.Get an overview of Agile, test-driven development, and behavior-driven development Use patterns from static languages and standards-based JavaSc...

Sencha Touch 2

Up and Running
Sencha Touch 2 Image
Launch into Sencha Touch 2 with this hands-on book, and quickly learn how to develop robust mobile web apps that look and behave like native applications. Using numerous code samples, author Adrian Kosmaczewski guides you every step of the way through this touchscreen-enabled JavaScript frameworkfrom creating your first basic app to debugging, testing, and deploying a finished product. Learn how to craft user interfaces, build forms, and manage data, then deploy as either an HTML5 offline app or as a native app for Android, iOS, or Blackberry.Define classes and create instances with Sencha Touch's object-oriented abstraction Build user interfaces with the framework's extensive set of high-level components Develop apps that consume complex data, wheth...

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