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Jul 10 2016 Added eBooks

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Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust

Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust Image
This book provides the foundations for understanding hardware security and trust, which have become major concerns for national security over the past decade. Coverage includes security and trust issues in all types of electronic devices and systems such as ASICs, COTS, FPGAs, microprocessors/DSPs, and embedded systems. This serves as an invaluable reference to the state-of-the-art research that is of critical significance to the security of, and trust in, modern societys microelectronic-supported infrastructures....

Image-Based Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation

Image-Based Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation Image
As a new interdisciplinary research area, image-based geometric modeling and mesh generation integrates image processing, geometric modeling and mesh generation with finite element method (FEM) to solve problems in computational biomedicine, materials sciences and engineering. It is well known that FEM is currently well-developed and efficient, but mesh generation for complex geometries (e.g., the human body) still takes about 80% of the total analysis time and is the major obstacle to reduce the total computation time. It is mainly because none of the traditional approaches is sufficient to effectively construct finite element meshes for arbitrarily complicated domains, and generally a great deal of manual interaction is involved in mesh generation....

Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration

Becoming a Router Geek
Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration Image
This work provides a guide to the configuration of Cisco routers, from tasks for beginners to advanced operations. A collection of detailed "how-to" instructions are presented, which will be of use to all professionals and students who engage with Cisco routers in the field or in the lab. The guide starts with the simple step-by-step task of connecting the router and performing basic configuration, before building up to complex and sensitive operations such as router IOS upgrade and Site-to-Site VPNs....

Fedora Linux Servers with Systemd

Fedora Linux Servers with Systemd Image
2nd Edition
This book is designed as a server reference for Fedora Linux with systemd. This second edition covers Fedora Linux 23. Administration tools are covered as well as the underlying configuration files and system implementations. The emphasis is on what administrators will need to know to perform key networking and server tasks. Topics covered include the systemd service manager, the systemd service and target files for each server, server roles, and the firewalld firewall. Key servers are examined, including Web, FTP, CUPS printing, NFS, and Samba (Windows shares). Network support servers and applications covered include the Squid proxy server, the Domain...

Gradle Beyond the Basics

Gradle Beyond the Basics Image
If you';re familiar with Gradle';s basics elements-possibly through the author';s previous O';Reilly book, Building and Testing with Gradle-this more advanced guide provides the recipes, techniques, and syntax to help you master this build automation tool. With clear, concise explanations and lots of ready-to-use code examples, you';ll explore four discrete areas of Gradle functionality: file operations, custom Gradle plugins, build lifecycle hooks, and dependency management.Learn how to use Gradle';s rich set of APIs and Groovy-based Domain Specific Language to customize build software that actually conforms to your product. By using the techniques in this book, you';ll be able to write domain-specific builds that support every other line of code yo...

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