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Text Analysis Pipelines

Towards Ad-hoc Large-Scale Text Mining
Text Analysis Pipelines Image
This monograph proposes a comprehensive and fully automatic approach to designing text analysis pipelines for arbitrary information needs that are optimal in terms of run-time efficiency and that robustly mine relevant information from text of any kind. Based on state-of-the-art techniques from machine learning and other areas of artificial intelligence, novel pipeline construction and execution algorithms are developed and implemented in prototypical software. Formal analyses of the algorithms and extensive empirical experiments underline that the proposed approach represents an essential step towards the ad-hoc use of text mining in web search and big data analytics.Both web search and big data analytics aim to fulfill peoples needs for information...

Windows 10 The Personal Trainer

Your Personalized Guide to Windows 10
Windows 10 The Personal Trainer Image
2nd Edition
A revised and updated edition of the personalized guide to Windows 10 written by technology expert William Stanek. Learn the new Microsoft operating system using this hands-on guide to mastering laptops, tablets, desktops and other computing devices running Windows 10. Whether you are a casual user, an IT professional or just someone who wants to learn how to use the operating system, you can learn everything you need to conquer the essentials by reading this book. Inside, you'll find practical advice and step by step procedures, documented examples and much, much more. One of the goals is to keep the content so concise that this personalized handbook ...

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