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VALU, AVX and GPU Acceleration Techniques for Parallel FDTD Methods

VALU, AVX and GPU Acceleration Techniques for Parallel FDTD Methods Image
This book introduces a general hardware acceleration technique that can significantly speed up finite difference time domain (FDTD) simulations and their applications to engineering problems without requiring any additional hardware devices. It provides detailed code demonstration and analysis to help readers get the step-by-step guidelines using the vector arithmetic logic units (VALU) in the CPU and demonstrates the detailed implementation techniques of VALU to the parallel FDTD method and presents a large number of engineering applications. It also introduces the cloud computing concept and engineering applications and presents a 3D parallel FDTD code, accelerated by using the VALU....

Handbook of Battery Materials

Handbook of Battery Materials Image
2nd Edition
A onestop resource for both researchers and development engineers, this comprehensive handbook serves as a daily reference, replacing heaps of individual papers. This second edition features twenty percent more content with new chapters on battery characterization, process technology, failure mechanisms and method development, plus updated information on classic batteries as well as entirely new results on advanced approaches. The authors, from such leading institutions as the US National Labs and from companies such as Panasonic and Sanyo, present a balanced view on battery research and largescale applications. They follow a distinctly materialsorie...

Markov Networks in Evolutionary Computation

Markov Networks in Evolutionary Computation Image
Markov networks and other probabilistic graphical modes have recently received an upsurge in attention from Evolutionary computation community, particularly in the area of Estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs). EDAs have arisen as one of the most successful experiences in the application of machine learning methods in optimization, mainly due to their efficiency to solve complex real-world optimization problems and their suitability for theoretical analysis.This book focuses on the different steps involved in the conception, implementation and application of EDAs that use Markov networks, and undirected models in general. It can serve as a general introduction to EDAs but covers also an important current void in the study of these algorithms b...

Managing Creativity in Science and Hi-Tech

Managing Creativity in Science and Hi-Tech Image
2nd Edition
Addressing the issues unique to managers of creative technical staff, this guide reflects not only Ronald Kays long experience observing and teaching successful management techniques, but also treats the expanding challenges due to increasingly globally-based projects and staff. As before, Kays guide helps readers to prepare themselves, graduate students and others to understand and improve their managerial skills and covers such practical, yet sometimes overlooked, steps such as: individual and team behavior of creative technical staff; managing their own and others RD projects; hiring, evaluating and compensating technical staff; RD proposals and adm...

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