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Anonymous Communication Networks

Protecting Privacy on the Web
Anonymous Communication Networks Image
In todays interactive network environment, where various types of organizations are eager to monitor and track Internet use, anonymity is one of the most powerful resources available to counterbalance the threat of unknown spectators and to ensure Internet privacy.Addressing the demand for authoritative information on anonymous Internet usage, Anonymous Communication Networks: Protecting Privacy on the Web examines anonymous communication networks as a solution to Internet privacy concerns. It explains how anonymous communication networks make it possible for participants to communicate with each other without revealing their identities.The book explores various anonymous communication networks as possible solutions to Internet privacy concerns - mak...

Policy-Driven Mobile Ad hoc Network Management

Policy-Driven Mobile Ad hoc Network Management Image
"This book should be immensely interesting to those trying to decide what MANET research is worth undertaking and why." -J. Christopher Ramming, Program Manager, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office A thorough, comprehensive treatment of mobile ad hoc network management Mobile ad hoc networking is a hot topic, gaining importance in both commercial and military arenas. Now that the basics in the field have settled and standards are emerging, the time is right for a book on management of these networks. From two experts in the field, Policy-Driven Mobile Ad hoc Network Management provides comprehensive coverage of the management challenges associated with mobile ad hoc networks(MANETs) and includes an ...

Building Service Provider Networks

Building Service Provider Networks Image
To be competitive, service providers cannot customize every installation but must simultaneously offer services that meet a wide range of perceived customer needs. This guide shows commercial service providers and equipment vendors how to build competitive service offerings for enterprise-specific needs.Provides vital technical and business guidance to the service provider marketplaceExplains how to satisfy the customer's specific needs in data, voice, and/or videoEnables readers to gain the upper hand in submitting the most competitive service network bids and service level guarantees to customers...

3D Game Programming for Teens

3D Game Programming for Teens Image
3D Game Programming for Teens is a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to 3D game programming for both teenagers and non-programmers. Organized into three parts, the book begins with an introduction to the game development industry, the game development process, and game engines including WildTangent. Part two covers JavaScript and Web programming and illustrates multiple concepts including variables, loops, and arrays. The final part of the book brings all of the concepts learned together, as the reader incrementally builds a 3D game as each skill is introduced. 3D Game Programming for Teens assumes no prior programming experience and focuses on teaching the basic skills needed to build a simple 3D game. Once the reader has mastered those basic...

Next-Generation Internet

Architectures and Protocols
Next-Generation Internet Image
With ever-increasing demands on capacity, quality of service, speed, and reliability, current Internet systems are under strain and under review. Combining contributions from experts in the field, this book captures the most recent and innovative designs, architectures, protocols, and mechanisms that will enable researchers to successfully build the next-generation Internet. A broad perspective is provided, with topics including innovations at the physical/transmission layer in wired and wireless media, as well as the support for new switching and routing paradigms at the device and sub-system layer. The proposed alternatives to TCP and UDP at the data transport layer for emerging environments are also covered, as are the novel models and theoretical...

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