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Interferometry for Precision Measurement

Interferometry for Precision Measurement Image

Book Details:

Publisher:Society of Photo Optical
Series: MIX
Author:Peter Langenbeck
Published:Jun 04 2014
Posted:Apr 01 2015
Book format:PDF
Book size:15.85 MB

Book Description:

Interferometry can be seen as the stethoscope of the precision optical engineer. This book presents various interferometric developments used in physical, optical, and mechanical engineering during the past half century. It is an expanded translation of one chapter of the German Wirtschaftliche Mikrobearbeitung, also by Langenbeck, published by Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich-Vienna, in 2009. The book is illustrated with many practical examples and photographs that are a direct consequence of the author's vast experience in the subject.The author provides some little-known testing techniques that could lead to future innovation in interferometric testing, along with occasional "Notes for the practitioner," which give the reader tips for successful implementation of the author's repertoire of techniques. The text will be of value to anyone interested in learning about interferometric evaluation of small mechanical and optical components.

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